How to Choose Your Car Service Center in Dubai?

How to Choose Your Car Service Center in Dubai?

Are you a car owner in Dubai looking for the best car service? Do you want quality car service at an affordable rate? Then you are not alone. All car owners need value-for-money service when it comes to servicing their car.

Though most of the car manufacturers have service centers that provide excellent service, it may not be financially feasible in the long run. Most of the car owners start searching for independent car service center a few months after the purchase.

If you are one such person who is looking for a car service center in Dubai, then you should consider the following before zeroing in on one.

  • The expertise of the staff: The first criteria for choosing a car service center in Dubai is the expertise of the staff, especially the technician. An expert technician will be able to understand your problem clearly and provide solutions without much difficulty. They will be able to answer all your queries, which comes only through years of experience.
  • Online review: Online review plays a significant role in building trust and credibility for a car service center. You can check google and go through the ratings and comments provided by clients. The service center’s website and Facebook page also contain testimonials from the customers. All these provides information about the quality of service and trustworthiness of a car service center in Dubai.
  • Recommendation by friends: Recommendation of friends and colleagues plays a vital role in selecting a service center. Friends and colleagues are more likely to recommend only tried and tested centers which they trust. Check with them about the quality of work and customer service of the centers whose service they have availed. Going by recommendation also ensures that you get the best service.
  • Cost of service: When the owners spend thousands for purchasing a new car, they expect value for money service from the service center. If the price quoted by a service center is very high, then customers are less likely to go with them. On the other hand, if the price is meager, the owners are doubtful of the quality of parts and accessories used. The technicians can be inexperienced, which can also be the reason for the low cost. Thus, you should compare the quote offered by 2-3 car service center in Dubai before finalizing one.
  • Pickup and drop off facility: In today’s fast-paced life, taking the car to a service center is a tough job for many. Most of the service centers offer pickup and drop off facility. You should check with the different service centers before finalizing on one. 

Once you have zeroed in on a car service center in Dubai, you should visit the center before handing over your car. You do not want your vehicle to be serviced amidst piles of grease and filth. Visiting the center lets you assess the standard of cleanliness and organization of the service center. 

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