Summer is Here! Is Your Car Ready with Tinting and AC?

Summer is Here! Is Your Car Ready with Tinting and AC?

Come summer, and you start preparing to face the scorching heat. The garden is taken care of, all external maintenance works are carried out and you even change your daily routines.

But one thing that is completely neglected is to prepare your car for the summer. Since cars directly bear the brunt of the scorching summer, it is highly essential that you prepare the same for the season.

  • Examine the battery: A rise in temperature can put undue strain on the battery. You should get the battery checked in a repair shop and make sure that it is working properly. If there is any corrosive build-up on the battery, the same should also be removed.

Most of the shops that offer car AC repair Dubai conduct battery check as well.

  • Check the window tint: Window tint not only provides a high-end look to the car but also protects against the harmful UV rays from the sun. There are a number of shops that offer car tinting Dubai. These shops have international selection of brands and the expert technicians can advice you about the right tint to go for your model.
  • Check the tyre: The rising temperature outside can affect the tyre pressure. If the tyre does not have the optimum pressure, then it can affect fuel efficiency as well as smooth riding.

You should get the tyre examined at a repair shop and ensure that the pressure is maintained at the optimal level. Any wear and tear of the tyre should also be examined and, if needed, the tyre should be changed.

  • Check the coolant level: The coolant in the car ensures that the engine is not overheated during summer. You should check the coolant and ensure that it is within the normal level. The temperature gauge indicates whether the car is running hot. If it is showing hot, then it means that the coolant level is low or is leaking.

Most of the car repair shops that offer car tinting Dubai will have the facility to check the coolant level. You should make use of this and ensure that the temperature is maintained at the optimal level.

            If you are looking for the best car tinting or car AC repair Dubai, Falco Motor Works is here to help you out. Our expert technicians offer world-class AC and car tinting service making use of high-quality, international products. We also make your car summer ready and ensure that it is fit to withstand the Dubai summer.

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