Renewing Your Car Registration in Dubai

Renewing Your Car Registration in Dubai

If you own a car in Dubai, it is mandatory to renew the car registration every year. Ideally, the car registration should be renewed within 30 days prior to the registration expiry date. This means that if your car registration expires on June 25th, then you can renew it any time after May 25th.

If by any chance, you could not renew the registration on time, then you can renew it within 30 days of expiry without any fine except driving fee. Thus, you have a clear 60 days to renew your car registration. After these 60 days, you have to pay a monthly registration fine along with a monthly driving fee which starts from the date of expiry of registration.

How to Renew Car Registration in Dubai?

If you are wondering how to renew car registration in Dubai, there are steps which will require you to visit the RTA Dubai car registration renewal once or multiple times. Here are the steps to renew Dubai car registration:

  1. Pay all pending fines: If you have any penalties for your car, the same should be cleared before applying for registration renewal. Fines can be paid online through the RTA portal, the RTA app or by visiting them
  • Do a test for your car: This is applicable for vehicles that are more than three years of age. If your car is less than three years, you do not have to get it tested.

For this, you should visit the RTA vehicle-testing facility and get the car tested. Testing is done to ensure that the car’s tyre, brake, steering, and suspension system are at its best. Once the test is done, the result will be uploaded directly on the RTA’s website. The test result will be valid for 30 days within which you should renew your registration. If the registration is not renewed within this time or if the car fails the test, then you should get a re-test done.

The fee for testing the car is AED 150. If you are short of time, then you can avail the premium testing facility whereby the vehicle will be picked up and dropped to your residence.

  • Fix any issues that came up in the results: all matters behind the failed test results needs to be fixed then the car needs to be re inspected
  • Insure your car: your car must have a valid 13 months insurance, could be a 3rd party insurance or a comprehensive one.
  • Renew the registration: Now you can proceed to renew Dubai car registration. Make sure your orginal ID and passport/visa copy are present then pay the RTA Dubai car registration renewal fee of AED 350.

Once the above is done, your E-registration card will be updated and your car is good to drive for another year.

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