How Much Does a Car Service in Dubai Cost?

How Much Does a Car Service in Dubai Cost?

Cars in Dubai are subjected to extreme weather condition. In summer, when the weather touches 50 degrees, cars have to bear the brunt the most. Not just the exterior, but the interior of the vehicle also gets heated up owing to the rising temperature. Thus, getting the car serviced and keeping it in good condition is highly essential.

The cost of car service Dubai varies depending on the type of service you want.

  • General checkup: This includes oil and filter change, oil lube top-up, coolant top-up, and fluid top-up.   Wheel rotation, alignment, balancing, and brake checkup is also done as part of a general checkup. In addition to this, headlight, air conditioner, wiper blades, and washer nozzles are also examined.

The average cost for a general checkup comes to AED 200 – AED 600. It depends on the type of car and the services you have availed.

  • Car Care: This includes car washing and waxing, applying polish for smoothness, car interior cleaning including vacuuming and washing of seats and mats. The air vents are also cleaned as part of car care service.

The average cost of car care service ranges from AED 150 – AED1500 depending on the type of car.

  • Paint and bodywork: This includes dent and scratch repair as well as full body paint. Accident repair is also covered. The cost of paint and bodywork varies depending on the severity of dent and scratch. As for full body paint, the price depends on whether there is a color change or not.

The cost of the dent and scratch repair, as well as paint job, varies from AED 500 – AED 2000 depending on the extent of the damage.

  • AC service: This includes servicing the car air conditioner, AC pressure test, AC fault test, and cleaning the entire air conditioner. AC gas refill also forms part of this service.

The cost of AC service comes to around AED 250 – AED 800.  

  • Car window tinting: Driving around in the blistering heat is unimaginable. If you want to protect yourself, then you can opt for car window tinting service.

The cost of car window tinting ranges from AED 500 – AED 2000.

What Are the Factors Affecting the Cost of Car Service?

Car service Dubai is affected by various factors.

  • Type of Car: If the car falls under the luxury category, the cost of service is also likely to be high. Similarly, the cost of servicing SUV’s are higher when compared to other light motor vehicles.
  • The reputation of the service provider: If you go for highly reputed car service providers in Dubai who deal with high-end cars, the cost of service will also go up.
  • Additional features in your car: If you have installed special features in your vehicle to add to its luxury, then the cost of service will go up.
  • The urgency of service: If you want emergency service or same-day delivery, then the cost of service would be more.

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