The Best Way to Repair Car Dents in Dubai

The Best Way to Repair Car Dents in Dubai

In a city like Dubai, where the car population is very high, damage to cars are unavoidable. Of all type of damages, dents in cars are the most commonly found. Apart from other vehicles on the road, a wrongly thrown ball, or a bump with the shopping cart can cause a dent in cars.

Though there are various ways to repair dents at home, it may not be very effective. Sometimes the car paint might come off, or new dents might appear. Moreover, dent repair by inexperienced hands may not have a professional touch. Thus, it is best to get the dent repaired at garage exclusively meant for car dent repair Dubai.

Here are a few ways in which dents are repairs by dent repair shops

  • Paint less dent repair: This is a method of car dent repair Dubai in which small dents are repaired without affecting the finish of the car. In this method, first, the dent is carefully examined using mirror and light. Once the size and extent of damage are accessed, special tools are used to push the dent slowly. Every time a push is given, the dent is examined from outside to see the effectiveness.

Paintless dent repair is undertaken for large dents, minor creases, and bodyline damage.

  • Glue pulling dent repair: This is another type of paintless dent repair. In this type of car dent repair Dubai, the repair work is done from outside the vehicle. A series of differently shaped plastic caps are glued outside the car. These caps are gently pulled to bring back the original shape of the body. The vehicle is then massaged to provide the final finish.

Large dents are also repaired the same way as small dents. But it requires more time and patience. The technician will carefully tap the dent, examining the body each time the dent is tapped. This ensures a proper finish.

The main advantage of both the above methods is that the paint and finish of the car remain intact. Thus, in the case of an old and vintage car, the repair can be done without the worry of re-painting.

  • Filler dent repair: In this method, the paint is first removed using sandpaper. The body filler is then prepared by mixing the base filler and crème hardener. Once done, it is spread on the dent using a plastic spreader. The filler is then smoothened correctly so that the surface gets a good finish. It is then left to harden. Once the filler is set, it is further smoothened using sandpaper until the desired finish is obtained. A primer is then sprayed on the surface to protect the filler. Then the final coat of paint is applied.

Though the filler dent repair can be done at home, it is best to seek the help of a technician. They will have the right tools and equipment as well as the paint to provide the best finish to your vehicle. 

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