Repair Your BMW Right with the Correct Experience.

Repair Your BMW Right with the Correct Experience.

Owning a BMW is a matter of prestige. Being one of the most expensive cars in the world, BMW requires special care and maintenance to ensure that it remains fit on the road.

If you are the owner of a BMW, you should ensure that your car is attended to by skilled and certified BMW technician who has the right experience to deal with such vehicles. Here are the reasons why you should go for a certified technician for BMW repair Dubai.

  • Experience: To be certified as a BMW technician, a person should have a minimum of five years’ experience working in a BMW approved environment. Such technicians would have undergone the highly competitive STEP (Service Technician Education Program) whereby they have gained the required knowledge and experience on the latest tools and training related to BMW. Being experienced in this field ensure that they provide excellent service.
  • Quality of service: Whether it is mechanical repair or electrical repair, a technician with the correct experience ensures quality service. For mechanical repairs like brake disc replacement, or brake pad replacement, the technician, with years of experience, is able to understand the problem and provide service of excellent quality. For electrical repairs like the repair of the navigation system and power windows, cutting-edge equipment and technology are used that ensures high-quality service.
  • Specialized tools and equipment: Unlike ordinary cars, BMW require specialized tools and equipment for its repair. Specific diagnostic computers and software like GT1, and SSS need to be used for BMW repair Dubai. Only a technician with the correct experience and certification will be able to use these high-quality diagnostic tools.
  • Correct Parts: Only high-quality and authorized parts can be used for a BMW car repair. Whether it is a brake pad or part of a navigation system, only authorized parts can be used for a BMW. A certified BMW technician with the right years of experience will have access and adequate knowledge about using these parts.
  •  Resale advantage: Getting your BMW repaired by a certified technician will be of advantage at the time of sale. The technician keeps a record of all the repair work done on the car, and hence your prospective buyers can go through the same and ensure the quality of service.
  • Prompt delivery: Certified BMW technicians understand the value of time. They know that BMW car owners are high-profile people for whom even a minute count. Thus, they ensure that the repair work is carried out as per the schedule and the vehicle delivered on time.

When your BMW is repaired by a technician with correct years of experience, then it shows up in the performance of the vehicle. It makes a perfect BMW ride even better.

We, at Falco Motor Works, has certified BMW technicians who can handle any repair work of your car. Whether you want to get mechanical work, paint job, AC maintenance or tuning and modification done, our certified technicians ensure the highest quality of service.

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