Life is Better Off-road

Life is Better Off-road

Off-road driving can be a fun adventure only if you’re properly prepared. Think hours of fun and entertainment and an opportunity to unleash the wanderlust in you and explore the desert. Here are some tips to guarantee that you have an action and fun-packed adventure.

Top tips to ensure you have a fabulous and safe off-road adventure

  1. Attend a training course
  2. Check the weather
  3. Fuel up! Never go off-road without a full tank of fuel
  4. Visually inspect all of the fluids in the engine, transmission, differentials and transfer case
  5. Know the limitations of your vehicle
  6. Have a better understanding of the route (check out the terrain by using Google maps)
  7. Lower the tire pressure
  8. Invest in a high-quality skid plate, which is essentially an armor to protect your radiator, engine pan, and drivetrain from potential disaster
  9. Setup a set of lightBars
  10. Prepare an emergency kit
  11. Never go off-road alone
  12. Have a way to communicate
  13. Make sure to have a fire extinguisher, air compressor, recovery gear, and a winch

Lastly, listen to the experts, don’t use poor behavior, pack extra snacks and water in case of an emergency, as well as blankets. Be safe and enjoy every moment of your adventure.

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